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Approved Naked Lime automotive marketing services:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Programmatic Display Advertising
  • ShowroomMagnet
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • eNewsletters

Naked Lime is proud to have our services included in the 2018 Hyundai Motors America (HMA) dealer co-op program.

Digital Advertising*

Naked Lime Digital Advertising Services for dealers deliver more effective leads.

  • Let individual shoppers know you have exactly what they want with targeted search campaigns.
  • Remarketing strategies give you more than one chance to deliver your message.
  • Advertising using the powerful targeting capabilities of Social Media Advertising, made possible by the data gathered from the networks where your customers spend the most time online.
  • See real results from certified specialists with inside and out knowledge of our industry and your dealership.

Programmatic Display Advertising*

Reach car shoppers before they even begin to search for a dealership or your inventory.

  • Use online consumer behavior and search intent data to find new in-market shoppers.
  • Place in-image ads on premium websites on or off the Google Display Network.
  • Advertise exactly what is on your lot with real-time updated new and used inventory.
  • Drive shoppers directly to your site's VDPs and SRPs.


Move 58% more customers from your website to your showroom.

  • Motivate customers to provide contact information with strategic offers.
  • Target your promotions using behavioral data, including geography, time of visit, referral site, pages visited, and more.
  • Promote brand recognition and drive action with custom landing pages.


Increase dealership visibility with on-site and off-site search engine optimization.

  • Unique, keyword-targeted website content pushes your site to the top of organic search results.
  • Meta title, description, and keyword management and revisions accurately describe your site contents to readers and search engines.
  • Site navigation management and sitemap customization for faster, easier indexing.
  • Fully-managed dealership blog and posts on national automotive blogs keep your fresh content in front of customers and search engines.

Email Marketing

Send the right message, at the right time, to the right person, about the right vehicle, through the right channel, to help drive sales.

  • Cleansed, appended, segmented email lists for targeted sales campaigns.
  • Messages designed and tested to reach every inbox and demand attention.
  • Data-driven strategy based on specific markets, customers, and industry information.

Direct Mail

Drive interaction and engagement with tangible, customized messages buyers can’t ignore.

  • Market to customers without email addresses, allowing your message to spread farther.
  • Intelligent database reduces invalid or duplicate addresses, allowing you to send fewer pieces of mail with better results.
  • Combine with email and other marketing efforts to find customers across every channel.


Combine original and relevant content with behavioral audience data to know when they are in-market and most likely to buy.

  • Timely promotions and informative articles specific to your dealership.
  • Specialist-managed newsletter production, optimization, and distribution.
  • Behavioral reporting metrics to refine your content strategy.

* Must direct traffic to endorsed website to receive reimbursement.



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